Our operation

Joe's Mojo in your neighborhood

  • We are your coffee shop on wheels bringing delicious fresh hand crafted drinks to you

  • We bring added value to any event from 10 to 10,000 people

  • We love to serve and inspire people with awesome beverages where they are

  • We provide freshly made beverages with healthy ingredients, not powder mixes

  • Our coffees are locally roasted, fresh, organic, fair trade and brewed at the right temperature

  • We serve lattes and cappuccinos hand crafted with love just for you

  • We have great tasting black and green teas prepared each day, some caffeine free

  • Our real fruit smoothies are 100% real fruit and green tea

  • Hot chocolates are made with Ghiradelli Chocolate and steamed milk

  • Our frapp-a-chillers are made with Ghiradelli products and wholesome milk

  • Our cold brewed coffees are made with a 14 hour cold brew process, smooth with no acid

  • We also provide milk alternatives such as soy, almond and coconut

Our story

What makes Joe's Mojo great

  • 2007

    Our humble beginnings

    The beginning was in 2007 when a friend who operated several coffee shops in the area, Kidd Coffee, approached me with the idea of a mobile coffee shop. Knowing what it took to design and operate a coffee shop was a big help, however, designing and building a vehicle from the ground up with no connection to water, waste or power was a challenge. The first mobile espresso vehicle made its debut in 2008 and was a huge hit.

  • 2014

    A new brew

    As life sometimes happens, I had to exit the coffee world for a while but kept the knowledge and experience with me. In 2014 my wife and I, both avid coffee lovers, decided the time was right for phase II. Using the knowledge passion and people assets around us we embarked on the Joes Mojo journey. We have been blessed with gifted folks who have provided ideas, expertise, encouragement, passion and valuable connection along the way as we have continued the journey together. The truck has been built with love and outfitted with the best in coffee brewing equipment so we can create that special beverage for you.

  • Our commitment to quality

    Using only the most fresh, organic ingredients

    Only a fresh bean produces the flavor you deserve in a fine beverage. Coffee beans are at their flavor peak for only about ten days from the time they are roasted. Our beans are freshly ground just before we brew the perfect cup for you. The fact is, coffee beans are at their best for about twenty minutes after being ground, so we grind our freshly roasted beans just as we brew.

  • Inspiration through connection

    Providing a natural medium to connect, inspire and enrich

    From the instant we are created we have a built in desire for connection. Valid connection brings to us a sense of value, I am worthy. We become inspired, inspired people change the world through their passion. With each person I meet, I have the ability to be a dream maker or a dream breaker, I want to be a dream maker. In the past folks sat around a table connecting with others using coffee. As the world has evolved it may now be in a coffee shop with a cup of great coffee and an Ipad, but it is still connection.

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